Give Wyclef a chance to change what other people can't change

Ti Piman - August 13 2010, 7:24 PM

Wyclef Jean is one of a kind, this has so much for Haiti, most of all for all of us as Haitian all over the world.

He changed the way we think.Give Him a chance to change what other people can't change.The critics will make him stronger, No man on earth can't lead a country without the help of others.

Please Wyclef don't listen to naysayers that going to tell you that you're not educate it to be president, or you don't speak creole enough to be president just shake that off and move on to the next level.They were saying that Obama weren't black enough to be president.Yes you can be president Of Haiti.

Please don't listen to them to just settle where you are, that's how you get ahead in life when people tells you that, you cannot do it God says yes you can.That's mean you can do anything through God.Know that you will always have a few naysayers tried to cast gloom.

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