Rev Louis Farrakan has given a precious advice to candidate...

Toulimen - August 13 2010, 1:47 AM

Rev Louis Farrakan has given a precious advice to candidate Wyclef and he already told him what is awaiting for him as a black puppet figure if he becomes selected or elected in Haiti.

He warns Wyclef not deliver Haiti to the Americans so they will not transform into a place to sodomize, rape, discriminate Haitian children through diseases as well as reaping all the benefits of this island.

He believes that Americans are ungrateful people toward former Haitian ancestors that helped them gain their indepndence and secure the purchase of Louisiana from France for 15 millions dollars.

He states that America owes to all Haitians a debt of gratitude.

For telling the truth, this video could get Wyclef out of the race if watched by CIA and FBI...

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