I prefer Wyclef Jean For President Of Haiti

Cupidon - August 11 2010, 11:50 AM

One thousand times I prefere Wiclef Jean to become The Haiti's president than every other leaders who run for this post. Because Wiclef Is a man.He loves his country, He tried by many ways to make a difference.

He created, He make his own life in danger, went to Cite Soleil at the hard moments...To every hard blocks in haiti, desired to bring a changement.

He help people to survivre there.It's never a shame to him to say everywhere he is an Haitian, thing a lot of Haitians can't stand.

He want to do something good for his country, so with any other president, he can't, because they are going to keep the money anthen do nothing like a lot of ex did.

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