Once again, Pras is a big retard with down syndrom who must...

Tiba - August 10 2010, 6:16 PM

Once again, Pras is a big retard with down syndrom who must not be listened to. He refered to Sweet Miky as competent, right?

But does anyone know of any office held by Sweet Miky before?

How can someone be competent if never held office or run a big corporation, etc.

Could he mean Sweet Miky is a competent musician?

Although I love his music, but I don't find Sweet Miky all that competent as a musician.

Mediocrity and incompetence are all over his records.

But again to be fair, most of his music that I have been listening to are live which gives room for earaches.

Also, I am completely unaware of Sweet Miky's humanitarian efforts in Haiti like Wyclef's. What has he done exactly for the country other than music?

Unless Haitians consider playing music in Haiti by Sweet Miky as helping and feeding them.

Nevertheless, I am glad to see all of these young Haitians running for the highest post of the land, president.

It's about time!

I have been longing to see this day for a longtime because I always believe Haiti needed young blood with new ideas.

The government is too crowded with all of these senior citizens.

They need to get rid of and get moved to a nursing home where they belong.

Long live Haiti!

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