I kwon for a fact this guy will be the best for haiti 's...

Jean Donald Philippe - August 10 2010, 3:18 PM

i kwon for a fact this guy will be the best for haiti 's future and he is my man that i will do campagne for.it is about school medical, electricity,free education another work school free for all haitian.

a welfare program that will give a minimun to $5 us to all in need of that help. created more housing and safe one for all haitian in need must have a roof under their head and basics need's on a daily need's.i will provide all necessary need for all.route, biger airport etc...

more money for the banks.the country have the ressource we must explore it now not later it is now we must start reconstruction for all.all haitian abroard will be able to come back to haiti without any persecutions at all. specially polital exiled haitian leaders who can do more for haiti the polititian that haa their house taking away from them will get it back.all senior must with or without payment to the system must get a credit to assist them enjoy the old years to get money to be able to be a good senior,

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