FIRST:I admire Micky for his musical talent and blunt...

Miggy - August 10 2010, 2:53 PM

FIRST:I admire Micky for his musical talent and blunt personality.

He is one of many musicians who has shown Haiti's musical talent and no one can ever argue and deny that. If there were a hall of fame in Haiti, I would support that his name to be engrave in Haiti's history on this earth.

Pras, it's not about that Micky is probably more popular than Wyclef in Haiti for the Haitians to chose him over Wyclef.

Of courses he may be more popular in Haiti than Wyclef, because he's been in Haiti basically all his life playing all these beautiful ballets in the Haitian's ears. Generation after Generation.

The evaluation between these men should be about the type of contributions; I mean "REAL LIFE ISSUES" they have done to better the Haitian's lives.

like relief work, charities, researches,international awareness, and development etc...

so that you can really see their true intentions.

Wyclef has already started all that.

SECOND: You're talking about Wyclef riding on a private plane.

Give me a break.

It's not like the Guy hasn't been
sharing his wealth with the Haitian people.

Let say
it again.

Wyclef has shared his wealth and continue
to sharing his wealth with the Haitian people.

Can he better over 1.2 million homeless people alone?

I am sure that you will probably say "No" just like anybody else.
Wyclef is a presidential candidate brother.

Wyclef is a rich man. If he can afford to fly a private plane with his staff.

That's his business because he has work hard to be able to afford it. That should not be a reason to hinder him on becoming the president of Haiti.

You need to come-up with a better excuse at this time.

You need to get over it.

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