The problem with Pras is that he is not an open-minded person...

Miggy - August 10 2010, 8:29 AM

The problem with Pras is that he is not an open-minded person.

He is a very closed-minded person.

He has no interest on trying "A NEW"

No one ever said that Wyclef needed to have experience to take on the job.
Most people who have achieved great things in this world never even shown the signs of having the experience to have done the work they did.

Let Pras support Sweet Micky, but I can tell you the whole time Sweet Micky has been in Haiti.

Haiti has remained the same. I like his old music though not the vulgar ones.

If anyone knows any charity work that Sweet Micky has done in haiti to better the lives of the people the whole 49 years he has been in haiti that I am not aware of, please let me know by clicking the "REPLY" Button because I don't know none.
This guy has a lot of money if now even more money than wyclef.

He has been in the music business since he was born lol...

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