I think the guy is very stupid and rude he doesn't get respect...

Vladimir - August 8 2010, 12:12 AM

I think the guy is very stupid and rude he doesn't get respect 4 wyclef, Wyclef is very important 4 us, he's the best one of haitian i said that because he always there when haiti get a problem, tell u how much money he gave 4 donation (one million dollas us)i'm grateful 4 dat dats mean he like my country and my people i think he could do more than that, so wyclef speak english and creole very well when he speak every body could understand him, let me say something he doesn't need 2 speak french because people dnt speak french in haiti they speak creole i dnt worry 4 language because they said he can't speak creole well and french but nobody can't eat language, only i preached it he has direction and he know what he doing dats all.and don't even said that no more, Michel Mately never be competent than him, NEVER...NEVER...NEVER...NEVER...AND FOR EVER, u know wat i'm strongly 2 like him 4 ever.

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Haiti have two official languages Wyclef cant speak...

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