Right now. who is our leader in Haiti? Should a bunch of...

Guy Lemon - August 5 2010, 11:19 PM

Right now. who is our leader in Haiti?

Should a bunch of leaders come out when there is an a lection?

who has defended the Haitians people against those vultures(Politicians in Haiti)I think the reason that wyclef can be seen as a messiah for many people today is because there is no potential and credible politician in Haiti now the people have lost faith in their vain promises and tired of their lies. They have failed us all.Not only they have stolen our money and run.they even taken our resources and sold them to other countries for their own profits.

I agree that wyclef can do more and continue to do more outside of the political arena.

Who do people have or know that can be trusted to represent them?

we have put our trust in so many politicians as as activists before, the result was not pretty.

I am not endorsing any one but why not let the people decide who they want to dig them out of this hole. Let's not prejudge any one now. It is time for a new breath of air. The so called intelectuals, experienced, and qualified politicians have failed us. I believe that not only the presidential post but all the other governmental posts should be occupied by concerned Haitians.

We should take charge of this country, we should look out for the best of it.

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