Can you Regain your Haitian nationality after Naturalization?

Woody - July 29 2010, 7:11 AM

If you are and Haitian National and a Naturalized Citizen of the United States of any other country, you have therefore renounced your Haitian nationality and cannot become president of Haiti.

However, I just read this and, Believe me, I didn't know about it until today.

The Constitution of Haiti, approved by a national referendum on March 29, 1987, and, in force, provides in Article 286 the following:

Any Haitian, who has adopted a foreign nationality during the 29 years preceding February 7, 1986, can, by a declaration made to the Ministry of Justice, within a period two years from the date of publication of the Constitution, recover his Haitian nationality with all the advantages deriving therefrom, in conformity with the law.


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