I believe your observations and know them to be a fact as I...

Bob - March 12 2010, 8:00 AM

I believe your observations and know them to be a fact as I was pilot for his father-in-law Ernest Bennett (google "ernest bennett haiti") and his problems were caused because of his youth and inexperience at the time and the fact he married the Bennett woman and her father (my former boss) was running a large portion of the ecoonomy of the country and they were more to blame for Baby Docs problems than he was. He may have allowed them to get by with it and assoiated with them but he was young and taken advantage of. The fact that the Bennetts ended up with the money, even if Ernest Bennett who died a couple years ago and spent 2 years in prison in Haiti later for trying to bring Baby Doc back into power, shows they were the ones behind the problems.

Let me know when you find out how to establish actualy contact with him.

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I don't have on hands, but i will check on it and...


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