Mwen pa panse ke nou dwe kontinye pale de Aristide e JC...

Jacob Decimus - January 1 2010, 5:19 PM

Mwen pa panse ke nou dwe kontinye pale de Aristide e JC Duvalier e de tan yo pase an ezil. Pep Aysian an dwe panse a rebati peyi yo pou jerasyon fiti a e fwo yo pa gade deye nan momen sa a kote peyi a ap pase yon momen tre difisil.

Let the pass be the pass and let's move forward in the spirit of brotherhood and friendship in support of our nation.

This is the message that our politicians should convey to the population in this moment not talking about those who contributed in the destruction of the country.

Sit and think about ways to help improve Haitian's quality of life should be the primary goal of the political elite of the country.

Education is the key that can help open all doors.

Let's all of us spend our energy to help educate this population and let's be a world model for the people.

The language of hate and classes needs to be toned down in order to focus on what it really important.

Education! Education! Education!


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