Jeanrobert Bastien, Cool off for a minute! Your brother, Dr...

Tiba - December 27 2009, 6:03 PM

Jeanrobert Bastien,

Cool off for a minute!

Your brother, Dr. Kelly C. Bastien is the speaker of the Haitian parliament which means he is in a much better position to help Haiti and he is not doing that, what makes you think, if for God bid, he becomes president that he is going to do something?

"Due to his knowledge in law and his competnece in Social services" (Jeanrobert Bastien) Unfortunately, you have not stated one thing he has used his knowledge of the law and his competence in social service to accomplish/change in Haiti.

It is amazing to watch Haitians struggling so hard to define the meaning of competence and the know-how to do.

Dr. Kelly Bastien is an incompetent and a mediocre just like Preval and the rest of the morons who are in the government.

None of these brain deads know the simple concept of government.

These are a bunch of parasites who have been in government for a very longtime, and yet, none of them can show anything they have accomplished for their country.

Isn't that pathetic?

Remember that "pale franse pa di lespri pou sa."


Dr Kelly C Bastien for President of Haiti!

Si Mme Myrlande Manigat ou Dr Sterling ne pourront pas assumer la tache Presidentielle au prochain...

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