Jj lsm, that was very well said, and I do agree with all of...

Linda - December 23 2009, 12:53 PM

Jj lsm, that was very well said, and I do agree with all of it. However, I advise caution, because when you state that we need someone who will speak for the people ("Quand on aura quelqu'un qui parlera au nom de tout le peuple") you must remember that we have for the last two two presidency's had those charlotins who claimed to be speaking and carrying for the people.

When these people say "le peuple" they usually mean just the lower classes of people; they don't mean all Haitians.

The problem with us Haitians is that we continuously seek candidates who claim that they are "for the people" as oppose to seeking candidates who are "for the nation." Those candidates, like Aristide and Preval, who have claimed to be for the people have been extremely divisive and have only served to destroy all progress in the country--without ever really even helping "le peuple." When a person is for the nation, they see everybody as Haitian and everyone as equal under the same flag. I liked everything you said, I just think we need to use caution when a candidate says they represent "le peuple."



On entend souvent parler de politique haitienne. Face

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