Haiti Political parties

Nazaire Hercules - December 14 2009, 2:24 PM

Why so many political parties in a small country like Haiti?

As far as I'm concerned, They are the result of the present haitian situation.They have divided our family, our brothers and sisters, our children, our youh, our parents.

Where do they come from?

Where are they going?What are their main objectives?

Do they like Haiti?

Are they nationalists?

What did they do in their hometown before?

Why are they struggling one another?

To tell the truth, They had better gather all the children of the country to form one nation with the same conviction, same ideology, same dream and you will see one day My brothers and sisters won't need to line up in the hotsun in front of the American Embassy to have a visa that is considered like a big deal neither they won, t take boatpeople to risk their lives for a better living condition.

I wanna leave you with this sentence " Unity is strength" If it's based on conviction.

May God be with us for a new Haiti, where all outside haitian children will come back home.
Nazaire Hercules

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