I have already responded to your insane comments about D.R...

Rkgs - December 9 2009, 9:11 AM

I have already responded to your insane comments about D.R. which is part of Haiti and part of my policies for Manifest Destiny for Haiti (to liberate the entire island).

To see a photo of my home in the UNITED STATES go to www.google.com and when the space bar comes up put in "Earl Wheby Jr" and click search and when the page comes up scroll down to the listing that begings "home..." and click there and you will see my luxury residence one block from the beach.

Do you think the D.R. has any homes like that?

You could be thinking about my former boss in Haiti Ernest Bennett who was the father-in-law of Baby Doc. I think he had some connection to Dominican Republic.

You should also google "Manifest Destiny" which was a U.S. policy to expand U.S. from Coast to Coast by the Haitian version of Manifest Destiny is to expand and liberate the entire island.

Keep in mind at one time there was war between Haiti and D.R. and Haiti had a brilliant General who was winning the war until a Voodoo priest sent him a message that he should return home to Haiti and once and he did and Haiti lost the war. This mistake will never happen again.

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LOL............YOU ARE TOO CUTIE MAN........WE MUST...


Get me registered as citizen of Haiti so I can run

I lived and worked in Haiti from 1982 through 1984 and was chief pilot for old Air Haiti and am interested to return...

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