Haiti elections, politics and more

Fosh - December 9 2009, 8:47 AM

I cannot understand why they don't create a permanent Board of Elections.

haiti is so small to have 1000 political parties.

If Politicians really care they will unify.

Haiti need a maximum of 4 political parties.

Combine all parties that have the same political views together and reduce to at least 4 political parties, until we do that haiti is not going anywhere.

It only shows to the world that we are not united at all. Everyone is looking to become President.

I am hoping that the Haitian Congress can regulate the number of political parties that are emerging left to right every single day around the country.

As far as Gracia Delva running for the Senate, I do not agree brother.

I have a much love for you as a musician stay away from politics, stay with what you know best"music".

You can go to the Haitian music Hall of fame as one of the greatest haitian vocalist.

I don't want to see you in the Haitian politics Hall of Shame.

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