Wyclef and Sean Penn Make Up Valentine's Day Weekend, Both Endorse Martelly For President

Here is a Valentine's Day Story you don't read about every day... Wyclef Jean and Actor Sean Penn reportedly locked themselves in a dressing room for 30 minutes at a Valentine's Day party and came out FRIENDS... LOL... and both endorsing Michel Martelly as the next president of Haiti.

Wyclef Jean, Michel Martelly, And Sean Penn

Love is a wonderful thing wouldn't you say? A freaking Haitian Political love story! How often do you see that?

Remember the Beef? Here is a recap...

Wyclef announced his candidacy for president of Haiti, Sean Penn said he should drop out of the race, then Wyclef said Sean Penn was too busy Snorting coke!

They haven't been friends since... Then on Valentines day weekend, all that changed!

Yepppp... A Haitian Political Love Story! LOL

Here is a clip from an article posted on HipHopWired.com:

...Over the weekend, the men [Wyclef Jean and Sean Pen] made amends.

On Saturday (February 12), they both happened to be at a show for the Haitian band T-Vice at the New York club, BB Kings.

The former rivals reportedly locked themselves in a dressing room for 30 minutes and only emerged after they had hashed out their misunderstandings.

Later, Clef and Penn met on stage in support of Haitian presidential candidate Michel Martelly, who was also in attendance.

Ha Ha...

Jude Celestin brough Gazmann and Gracia Delva together... Epi... Michel Martelly brings Wyclef and Sean Penn together at a Valentine's Day Party?

How do you like that?

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Cpt.d says...

They can do what they do best, entertain, act and contribute according to their talents.

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Oukonkiyes says...

Maryse my douce cocotte,

Aristide, Bill Clinton, Preval and Lesly & Madame Manigat plus Maryse Louis


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Maryse Louis says...

Michel Martelly (Sweet Micky), Sean Penn (The Haitian adoptee) and Wyclef Jean (Tet Kalbass) are the Three Stooges "Moe, Curly and Larry"
What can they do for our HAITI

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Sonia says...

Wow, What imagination!
What a perfect team it would be in Haiti of wonders.

You imagine a dream team, but I think

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Napbayo says...

Cepete ak sonia sak fe nu pa supen pete nan figu muun epi komense pense.

Sispen pete sou muun kap eseye avanse.

Nou kimbe muun nan min saltinbenq coze yo.

Bah nin muun la pai. Siw pagin parol puw pale fermin twouwah.

Ousoi continye pete, se twouwah ou ka kite saw vle rantre soti ladenl.

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Cpt.d says...

Fear, intimidation & charm are part of the strategies used by Micky's camp to move forward.

Older Haitian journalists who have been around for a while have an idea about the artist's actions, but they know everything about him. Micky masters the art of mind game, There are so many allegations about the man, questions about his arrest records, child support, ties with drug kigpins, NINJA & FRAPH, immigration"incident," his brushes with US laws, his arrest records and so forth.

Do you think that a journalist working in Haiti will dare ask him proping questions?

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Sonia says...

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Cpt.d says...

we still need to encourage the youth to do good, don't be discouraged, don't give up the good fight to save as many as you can. Do you your best no matter what they say. Its a mind game, playing with the kids emotion while taking advantage of the poverty and lack of resources to prey on the weak and vulnarable.

Also fear has a lot to do too, Radi-Tv station are struggling for add and journalists are affraid of conducting serious investigative reporting on Micky many allegations, arrest records and other un-kosher activities.

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Cpt.d says...


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Cpt.d says...

Light, camera, action...the making of a movie the disappearance of a great nation.

Haiti is going to replace Hollywood and NY in the entertainment industry.

Great stars, talented, educated, well accomplish, good looking, young, rich artist are in line to run Haiti.

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