Will there STILL be a Protest in front of the US Embassy in Haiti?

After the anti-Martelly protest of 18 Nov 2013, a big announcement came about a follow-up manifestation in front of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince Haiti on 29 Nov 2013 demanding that the United States force Martelly to leave the country... Will that still be happening OR... has there been a change in plan???

Manifestation Haiti 18 Nov 2013 - Kawotchou ap boule lan lari Port-au-Prince

I am asking because I've been hearing a lot of rumors online saying that LAVALAS wants to move the protest instead to Ruelle Vaillant...

Someone told me that the news spreading on the Haitian social networks about the embassy pressuring Aristide in regards to the scheduled protest is just political propaganda...

That same someone told me that Aristide's Lavalas party REALLY wants to do it in Ruelle Vaillant and not in front of the Embassy...

What do you know?

What do you think?

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Patrick Princivil says...

Bann égaré, nou pa ka wè sé Moises Jean-Charles avec Jean Bertrand Aristide ki problèm la?

Méyè solisyon an sé démoli

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Cia says...

They're crazy, why do we always have to be the troubled ones. Every country has a president or prime minister, they accept them as they are until reelection but no Haitians want to do it their

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Subject: Will there STILL be a Protest in front of the US Embassy in Haiti? edit

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