Haiti - Why Another Senators meeting with President Martelly, Senator Edwin Zenny Explains

Following the failure of Haitian Lawmakers to open the extraordinary session of the National Assembly, 18 Senators except Senator Moise Jean Charles and Senator Polycapre decided to meet and form a 5-member delegation to talk with president Martelly regarding the accord that was signed between the 3 branches of government.

Senator Edwin Zenny

KREYOL: Haiti - Senatè Edo Zenny eksplike POUKISA gen nesesite pou yon lòt rankont ak President Martelly jounen 7 Janvier 2014 la... Dapre sa li di sou antenne Radio Ginen, menu assemble National la tro chaje, yo pap ka jere tout dosye yo avan 12 Janvier, lefini Group 6 Senatè yo pa finn dakò ak kek bagay ki nan menu a... Lefini zafè dechaj la menm se pa yon bagay ki kapab fèt konsa konsa...

According to Senator Edwin Zenny, This 5-member delegation, each representing a group of senators, are to meet with at KINAM Hote with the president this Wednesday.

Senator Zenny told Radio Ginen that the menu the National Assembly has to work with is over loaded and parliament will not be able attend to it before 12 Janvier, the deadline.

Second, Senator Zeny says, there are some things in the menu that the Group of Six Senators (G6) do not agree with and they need to "re-discuss it" the president, to talk about things that may not be done in time time.

Edo Zenny spoke about CSPJ, the choice and ratification of Evans Paul as prime Minister, and all the 300+ people who are waiting for discharge from Parliament are all things that will be discussed with the president Wednesday...

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Dr Joseph Tertullien says...

Now they want to talk. They wasted their time doing nonsense and get paid while the country is facing a political tsunami.

Those legislators do not like the country.

They only want to live of the country.

Of course, the agenda is too heavy because they did not work it out on

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