What do you think is BEST for Haiti: A Prime Minister OR a Vice-President?

Let me ask you a question... What do you think would be best for Haiti: A president and a vice President OR a President and a Prime Minister the way it is today?

Haiti Caricature : Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant changing his status from PM to AM

Before you answer this question, let me tell you the difference between a president and a prime minister.

Haitians vote in elections to elect a president but the president is only head of state and, in Haitian terms, he is like a 'pope twèl,' a figurehead. Once elected, a prime minister is chosen by the assembly of Deputes and Senators (le Parlement) to head of government.

In other words, a president are elected by the people but the Prime minister is chosen by members of parliament. Even if you hear that the president chooses a prime minister, he has to send that prime minister in front of parliament for approval.

In Haiti, approval of a prime minister means, DEALS are made.


That prime minister has to make deals with many Deputes and Senators so he can be approved. These deals mean giving that Senator or Depute a piece of the pie, the pie that really belongs to the people.

That's why you often hear, this government ministry belongs to such and such Depute or Senator. That means the Ministre in charge of that government body is not necessary working for the people but for the Depute or Senator who put him there.

Need I say more?

Can you smell the corruption?

Now let's take a look at the role of a Vice President

In a President/Vide President system, the vice president is like a backup president. His main job is to be ready to become president or acting president should anything happen to the president. This insures continuity for the executive branch.

If the president dies, if anything happens to the president, the vice president assumes the presidency for the remainder of the president's term.

This is not a full definition of a vice president but you understand.

If Haiti had a president and a vice president, then the president would be completely in charge of running the country. He would be the head of state and head of government.

Parliament would still be able to do their jobs keeping the government in check but it wouldn't be a "Tabula Rasa" like every time a prime ministers resigns or is fired.

I am no expert but I keep wondering...

Is the current presidential / prime minister system the best for a country like Haiti?

A system where, vire tounen, premye minis demisionye, gouvenman tonbe, gouvenman demisionè, peyi a bloke. You know what I mean.

So let me ask you again...

What do you think would be best for Haiti: A president and a vice President OR a President and a Prime Minister the way it is today?

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Jacky says...

Vice President, we need to change the system that we have now, the president need to be elected with his Vice President, I think it should be a

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Widne says...

I don't think neither one will work for Haiti, because the politicians people don't care about Haiti, only their

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Goldstein says...

My dear friend, I am not an expert either, but it seems
to me the second solution (vice president) is the best for Haiti.

Of course, the most important is to have honest and capable heads of state.

I like Jovenel Moise but who am iI to judge a foreign politician?

I am not Haitian.

I just wish your country makes it. I know it can. This is all I can say, Woodring.

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Sem M Philippe says...

President and vice-president is the system which the US opts for. It works well for them.

In Haiti, the system of Prime Minister is a disaster, when we consider how much corruption this country is facing with its system of governing.

With a country down the drain like Haiti, we cannot afford to have a change in the structure of the governmental program.

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David Grant says...

As far as it may be gleaned, whatever form of government is adopted by the Haitian lawmakers will not be effective unless parliament adhere to the dictate of the constitution.

Those miscreant of politicians has to wait for their constitutional election to

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Alexa says...

'Des 2 cotes, le mal est mal fini.' Si la politique est la seule fonction rentable au pays, comme a present, un vice-president se retrouvera au centre de machinations pour remplacer le president elu le plus vite possible et assurer des postes a des solliciteurs.

Voila que je tremble a cette

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Haitien Sou Rezo Sosyo Yo says...

Zafe premye minis pou palman ratifye sa ogmante taux koripsyon an ni nan palman ni nan primati.

dènye sak pi red la neg la nan pozisyon pou l siveye yon sistem se la li we poul l'al mande job anko, eske pral ka siveye, kritike e konvoke tet li?

Sa se dnye nivo koripsyon an

(Wasdson sou

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Mauclair says...

Haiti will better off with a Vice-president to have contuinity in the

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Haitien Sou Rezo Sosyo Yo says...

Yon vice prezidan ap pibon paske senatè ak depite ap sispann fè dilatwa nan palman an. Lè pou yo ratifye yon pwemye minis

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