Voting in Haiti - WHO Actually Votes in Haiti Elections?

QUESTION: Who goes out to vote in Haiti? --- Voting in Haiti feels more like a protest than civic duty. Don't you think so? Every election day in Haiti is surrounded by controversy, kicking and screaming... Yo fe-w santi komsi se militant ak malere pye sal selman ki vote Haiti, moun serye rete lakay ou...

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What?

This is a serious question and it deserves a serious answer...

Eskise-m si-m itilize term "malere pye sal" poum dekri certain moun an Haiti men, mwen pap ba-w manti... Le-w tande yon polititien Haitien di "Pep La," yo pap pale de PEP ki da decide a, yo ap pale pito de PEP yo ka manipile a?

WHO goes out to vote on election day in Haiti?

How many working class Haitians you know of who will take time off to go out and vote?

Does your teacher vote?

Your pastor, does he leave the pulpit to go out and vote?

The nurse? The doctor? The 'ti machann' whose business is good?

Menm chofe kamyonet la... eske-w panse, jou eleksyon an Haiti, li pran yon ti tan pou li vote?

I am asking this question because I was once talking to a friend of mine who happens to be in Haitian politics and he asked me:

"Konbyen fwa ou we yon moun serye kanpe nan liy pou vote an Haiti?"

Eske ou konsidere tet ou yon moun konsekan nan societe Haitienne la? Eske ou jann kanpe nan liy pou-w vote?

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Nesly Charles says...

I always

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Legrand Parisien Salvant says...

There is a lot of truth to that. We have people right now in position in the government who have never voted, not even once.

The system in place is not conducive to full participation of the citizens to the voting process Or this is a sacred way and the only way to get rid of false politicians.

For Haiti now, it would have been better to eliminate the universal

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Jean says...

I don't know what u mean by that but I know some class ppl that wake up early to vote b4 the line go

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