Video: Pras Speaks On Why He Doesn't Support Wyclef

Watch the video interview of Pras Michel telling the Associated Press why he does not support wyclef for President of Haiti.

(video not available)


Do you agree or disagree with Pras?

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Damebochie says...

Yeah I remember! Hopefully he will become the next president and rendez-vous in 4 years here to

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Miggy says...

Beautifully said. What a great statement of yours.

I like you.

Haiti can not flourish because its president is able to speak French.

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Miggy says...


Aristide is Aristide.

Wyclef is Wyclef.

They are not twins.

As a matter of fact even twins lives always turn out to be

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Tomy says...

I just like the way you put it Miggy, you put right where evry body belong.

I chalange some friend already to find me proof of anything beneficial for the people, that due evr did in haiti, for all this years making money in music,

Me to be honest i look at the list, if i have to endorse one it would be

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Sovehaitidotcom Forum says...

Pras don't even know what is talking about and he is a back stabber like many

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Sergo Jean says...

Depi 2006 an yap pale lang franse, di mwen sa ou we ki mache ayiti.

ecepte korupsyon.vol, tue moun san jistis, gen ampil fanm, kite moun yo nan povrete pou nou ka vin riche sou do yo le nou ale devan blanc yo.sel nouvel mwen tande nan bouche nou Ayiti, peyi a pov nou beswen ed lagen kou li tombe nan men nou li disparet .le nou konstwi kay pou tout fanm nou genyen nan chak vil yo. kache lagen a letrange sou tout ko ras nou yo.tout milion e milion dola nou prete nan peyi etrange kote yo .si yon moun gen kran di li pral arete tout vole kite pase sou pouvoi en Ayiti.

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St Julien Joseph says...

You have you own idea but look at haiti today how many people who become president in haiti who spreak creol, franceh what they do for the people in haiti.

i don't see why we can't work with Wyclef to help the country to move

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Roodg Aka Djzoe says...

Believe Me!!! Pras's getting

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Damebochie says...

Oh Yeah! Wyclef is the new messiah like Aristide was. Good luck with

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Miggy says...

The problem with Pras is that he is not an open-minded person.

He is a very closed-minded person.

He has no interest on trying "A NEW"

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