VIDEO: Micky Campaigning at SOB's - Mirlande Manigat Can't Touch This!

I don't know Mirlande Manigat very well... BUT I know this... She cannot campaign like Sweet Micky can... LOL

Michel Martelly and Wyclef Campaining At SOBs NYC
Michel Martelly and Wyclef Campaining At SOBs NYC

Watch this video... [bb]

Here is a video of Michel Martelly spreading his 'Vote For Me' message at SOB's in New York City in the company of Wyclef Jean, Pras, RAM[bb] (Richard A. Morse), Papa Jube and CARIMI... Konpa style!

Sorry Madame Manigat!

I am assuming she is a very well spoken lady, very reserved, intelligent, speaks French very eloquently... But... MC Hammer says...

Can't Touch This!

So Tell me...

Do you think this form of campaining is effective for Martelly?

Can Mirlande Manigat rally young voters in her corner like Sweet Micky can? if yes... How?

Come think of it... She always had the lead! Hmmmmm! Scratching my head!

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Sonia says...

Sepa tout moun ki ka panse.

Se sa ki

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Wasezi says...

Pete moustik.

Komense pense epi sispen

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Sonia says...

Si ou konprann sa se paske ou

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Frantifrans says...

I hope you understand better what is at stake.

If it is not a matter of just winning.

Michel Martelly may be some people leader because we have work to do in term of educating our brothers and sisters." Les peuples ont toujours les gouvernements qu'ils meritent".

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Cpt.d says...

Sorry Madame, I confess to some degree of sacarsm in my discourse, but I'll never even attempt to insult your intelligence.

I enjoy the opportunity that is afforded to us to exchange our viewpoints here I'll do everything possible to keep it cordial.

NARCISSISM and I don't et along.

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Huguette says...

cpt d i have been reading a lot on this screen and was moved the other day to respond to a message which written by very dear friend Mr. Ronald Altieri that covered the story of Saul in the the bible that me and my group were stuyding a week earlier.

in any case i read your message and would like to bring to your attention the following:

Dear Madame, I was moved too after reading your response to Mr. Aliteiri.

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Cpt.d says...

Dear Madame, I was moved too after reading your response to Mr. Aliteiri.

Its refreshing to know that the word of God touches your heart.

Out of respect to you I'm going to take a few minutes to respond to your post. Just as you did previously, it will be benefitial to share it with your family too. From Genesis to Revelation, tne Holy Bible contains many relevant stories that we can learn from today.

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Cpt . D says...

Oh, mesi ampil pou bel bagay

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Fanfan says...

This is the youth time in Haiti now and we are tired with those corrupted elders that keep destroying Haiti everyday.

Michel Martelly will be elected through a landslide vote. People in Haiti don't even know Mirelande Manigat and she has no economic plan than continuing the Preval's failured

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Huguette says...

Mr. Ronald Altieri,

I wanted you to know that i was so moved by your thought provoking message that i copied and pasted it below.

I know that it was a response to an earlier message you read from a Cpt D, but i hope it was ok to do this.

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