VIDEO - Michel Martelly Interview In Canada, Watch It Now...

HOT TOPICS - Watch 3 videos of an interview Haitian President Michel Martelly gave to Radio-Canada a few days ago... Anpil pawol pale...

President Michel Martelly In Canada

In part 1, President Martelly talks about his education plan... He says that 146,000 students who have never been to school who will be going to school for the first time this year.

He was also asked about the rejection of the first two prime Minister, listen to what he had to say about that.

Watch the video...

President Michel Martelly Interview, Radio-Canada, Aug 8 2011, Part 1

Next... Part 2

President Michel Martelly Interview, Radio-Canada, Aug 8 2011, Part 2

Pay close attention to the president's comment 55 seconds in to the video OK...

In part 3, President Martelly speaks about Haiti tourism and what can be done to help tourism in Haiti and projects to make Haiti better.

Watch it now...

President Michel Martelly Interview, Radio-Canada, Aug 8 2011, Part 3

Anpil pawol pale, President Martelly had a lot to say in this interview...


What is your opinion about what president Martelly said in the interview?

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All Comments (8)

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Retsezi, ah mon che apre 200 zan jan nou'ye ya?

Ayiti bezin yon pi grow visaj tande, ak san ront sa yo ke mwen we'ya Ayiti pap janm kin chans.

Ayiti bezin netwoye ak

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Retsezi says...

Jean Pierre cheke sa'a! A van pou yun moun kompren fok li apren, en nou apren yun bagay.

Moun sa yo nan peyi'a pou nou apren yun bagay, e saki pi importan nan bagay sa'a se le fai ke se premye foi nan istwa nou ke 4 presidan ap viv nan peyi'a (manigat, aristide, preval ak Martelly).

Ka byen gin de troi lot, Kelke swa sa nou pense de yo, min viv ensem nan gin valeu pal. Eske ka woue?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Retsezi, moun san rwont sa yo, se chin tou't ye.
Se bon katouch pou lage nan tou bouda' yon sel langaj ke yo konin, se fe pep la pase mize kraze peyi'ya.
Mwen we ke tou't ayityen ta vle tan'n bon Die pito.


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Retsezi says...



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Lloyd says...

We, all know that Mr Martelly could deliver but the haitians
policians are so corrupted that they will do everything to
stop "change"their views of runing Haiti are to

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Ronlad Altieri says...

RET SEZI!Min Kompa'aaaaa! I will make certain that my three children who were born outside the motherland listen and analyze this masterpiece.

For, this perceptive and passionate outlook is key in the story of our history.

Merci Michel! You are a Man amongst man.

I have no doubt that our ancestors are proud of

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Mm says...


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Reggie Cherubin says...

I'm not even going to say much about this, but he concluded his speech very strongly.

I loved his point of

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