VIDEO: Michel Martelly First Interview With Miami Herald As President Of Haiti

Haitian president-elect Michel Martelly gave an exclusive 12 minute interview to the Miami Herald. The president-elect was asked many questions... Watch the video...

President-elect Michel Martely Visit The Miami Herald

Martelly was asked 11 questions about...

  1. Mirlande Manigat not contesting the results
  2. His plans to get Haitians working (Job Creation)
  3. His plans to reinstate the Haitian Armed Forces
  4. Reconstruction and the billions intended for it
  5. Fighting corruption in Haiti
  6. His opinion about Bill Clinton (he dodged the bullet!)
  7. The purpose of his first
  8. Rumors about
  9. Jean Claude Duvalier (Will he bring charges against him?)
  10. Will Aristide and Duvalier play a role in the new government?
  11. Will Martelly keep his promise to dancing nude on top of the National Palace? LOL...

Yep... Tout bon... that was the final question!

Listen to the entire interview and reply with your comments.


Which question was most important to you AND... what is your opinion about how the president-elect answered it?

What do you like most about the interview?

Reply with your comments

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Wiliam Evens Josma says...

whatever will make the country better, at this point, I keep on thinking when st Domingue will make a move because we are such in bad shape, I am open minding for whatever will make us same as a nation and whatever will put on on the road of

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Jude Joseph says...

Hi Mr. Pierre,

Thanks for your email.

Yes, I am still in Rwanda, you can contact me. I will be more than happy to meet you, we are around 6 Haitians families in Rwanda, plus these 5 students that came last January 2011

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Pierre says...

I really appreciate your message to the new President.

Especially when you mention about Rwanda.

I am working for an NGO in Eastern DRC and I go to Rwanda on a regular basis.

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Hatianjack says...

watch the michel martelly interview on

ale gade video interview sou

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Toussaint says...

William Evens Josma,

Having an army in Haiti was never the problem.

I echo the president elect words from his 1st TV interview by the Miami Herald, the problem was that the army wasn't utilized properly and they were exposed to crooked politicians who polluted their minds with blood money.

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Jude Joseph says...

Dear Mr. President, Again congratulations for your new position.

Allow me to speak freely and express myself from the bottom of my heart.

First, Mr. President, if deep down you believe that you have been elected by Haitians who are in the ground, then you should understand the following messages they sent to you.

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Osiasannoualez says...

I think he did ok, also he either needs a translator or improve his english.

I don't want the same thing that happened with the dominican reporter to happen again.

But I wish you luck Mr President which means I wish myself luck, as a haitian, your success will be beneficial for all of us. I wanted Mrs Manigat to win, but that's history now, and would love to see you succeed.

May God bless

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Jodanis Belizaire says...

toay is a great day for Haitian people to have a serious person to lead them.

I want you to remember this day .it's an acte of God believe it or not because i knew this will happen that Haiti will know some better days lol.

by the way, the President ought to know that he can't lead this people with out asking God to help him it's impossible he must be careful of what i say if he ask God to help him, he will have success and he will be powerful than ever and he will be knolageable, God will show him what to do he will be in our story as the best president that we ever have his name will stay from generation to generation.

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Jean Louis says...

How important for us to understand when to speak when to be silent, with all the respect for President Martelly I believe he could have done better.

He need time to prepare before appear in those interview the president was under a lot of pressure.

First question was what is the plan for job when Haiti has a lot of people unemployed?

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Lena says...

i love michel and beleive he will be a good president but i dont understand he answear to miami herald about to the military i think he will put the army back the force we use to have because we all haitain tonton macoute and the force army we use to have are all haitain and i also love the kaky uniform and the force army the jaen jacque dessaline army not the one we have now please make me undrestand i am not

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