VIDEO: Haiti President Martelly Visits Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Watch this video footage of Haitian president Michel Martelly at the residence of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide...

Also hear comments from both the current Haitian president and the former Haitian President...

What do you think about this...

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Marie Jeudy says...

Bravo President Martelly CHERI God Bless You And Your Family.

Do Whatever You Can For US. I Need To Go Back And Live The Rest Of My Life In

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Fashinefa says...

I'm glad that you found this post helpful, indeed on the Internet there are few resources available on this subject.

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Ronald Altieri says...

Mr. Prezidan, Renkont ou ak ancien preziden peyi'a se yun honeur liye pou Ayiti devan le mond entie.

Bondye Mari

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Dr. D says...

Je veux dire bravo au president Martelly pour ce geste de leadership a savoir ses visites a tous les anciens presidents qui demeurent actuallement en Haiti.

Ce genre de d'effort merite d'etre apprecie par tous ceux qui veulent la bonne marche de notre haiti cherie.J'eteait pas un supporter du president, mais s'il continue ainsi, il arrivera sans doute a me gagner le vote. Bravo President

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Jean Baptiste Fritz says...

mw ta swete rankont sa yo se pa d magoji paske se pou la premye fwa on bagay konsa fet tout mem mw gen santiman pou ou prezidan tankou m renmen Ayiti pa fe pep ayisyen

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Ford Jean Charles says...

i like what the president michel martely i did and i hope each of every one of us act the same way in order to have a better

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Lucia says...

Way to go Martelly, I pray that all the ExPresidents continue to work together to get Haiti Fix the way it uses to be back in the day, or

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Sylvie says...

Thou shalt not use the name of the Lord in vain!
--just in case you didnt know. It seems you meant it as humor

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Oriole Zamor says...

bravo martelly for continuing our motto "l'union fais la force" mwen contan pou cout pye lakay tout ancyen president yo, continue bon

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