Uruguay threatens to pull their MINUSTAH troops out of Haiti in 90 days IF...

Uruguay President, José Mujica, officially announced that he wished to recall its MINUSTAH troops in Haiti if no visible effort of democratization is implemented in the country within 90 days. Uruguay has 940 peacekeepers on the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti

MINUSTAH Soldier In Front of Haiti White House

President Mujica says:

"Over there, elections for the Senate it's long overdue. An old exile who lived abroad and is closely linked to the dictatorial past in Haiti seems to exert much influence."

Question: Who is this "old exile" that he is talking about?

"One thing is to try to help the people of Haiti to implement a policy that deals with security," the Uruguayan President says, "but it's another to remain indefinitely in Haiti with a government that makes us doubt its willingness to continue an objective of democracy."

The Uruguayan president clearly wants to put pressure on the Haitian political authorities.

Hmmm... Antouka... Kisa-w panse?

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Guilbert Printemps says...

He is talking about Baby Doc or the priest

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Paul says...

If the Uruguayan president wants to withdraw his troops from Haiti,
I don't blame him. Minustah was not supposed to stay in Haiti for all this time.
The Haitian government should have had a police force strong enough to maintain peace and order in Haiti by

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Subject: Uruguay threatens to pull their MINUSTAH troops out of Haiti in 90 days IF... edit

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