U.S. Lawmakers wants Haiti Senate to vote Electoral Law

The Senate of the Republic of Haiti has just received a letter from more than a dozen U.S. congressional lawmakers calling on the Senate to move forward with elections by voting for an electoral law so that elections can be held in Haiti...

Haiti Elections Delayed

These group of US lawmakers wrote Haiti senate president Dieuseul Simon Desras Monday to remind him that "Haitians, like all citizens in a democracy, have a right to express their will through regular and timely elections for their government representatives."

They are concerned, the letter says, that the Senate of Haiti is unable to pass the law necessary to hold elections. "Haitians deserve better than to have this fundamental democratic right continually delayed."

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Wilfrid Mesadieu says...

I think it time for Haitian people behave independent and reasoned.

Why should we expect this to be the foreign congressman who dictate the behavior to adopt for the well being of our country.

It is shameful! This time, I hope that the people will make good choices as representing all

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Patrick Princivil says...

Ah hah!

U.S. Lawmakers talk, who are six Senate holding election in Haiti?

No they have to keep going, if they keep going may U.S. Lawmaker consider them like ISIS in Middle East. Now we have a better government in Haiti we can give credit.

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