TRUE or FALSE? -- Haitian Politicians are demagogues (definition here)

READ THIS and tell me if 'DEMAGOGUE' truly defines most Haitian Politicians... A demagogue or rabble-rouser is a political leader in a democracy who appeals to the emotions, fears, prejudices, and ignorance of the less-educated citizens in order to gain power and promote political motives...

Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog
Politisyen Haitien Se Demagog

(Come to think of it... is that where the word "DEMAGOGIE" comes from??? LOL...)

Demagogues usually oppose deliberation and advocate immediate, violent action to address a national crisis; they accuse moderate and thoughtful opponents of weakness.

Demagogues relentlessly advocate action, usually violent... immediately and without deliberation... Demagogues appeal directly to the emotions of the poor and uninformed, pursuing power, telling lies to stir up hysteria, exploiting crises to intensify popular support for their calls to immediate action and increased authority, and accusing moderate opponents of weakness or disloyalty to the nation.

I was looking for an English translation of the word "demagugue" and I read all this on Wikipedia...

Imagine my surprise...

QUESTION: How many people in Haitian politics would you classify as demagogues?

Now that you know the true definition of a demagogue, are you will to give them what they want?

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Subject: TRUE or FALSE? -- Haitian Politicians are demagogues (definition here) edit

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