Transparency International Haiti wants Haitians in power to reduce their lavish lifestyle

Transparency International, Haiti branch, has called on the executive and legislative powers to reduce their lifestyle. Haitian Senators and Deputes in Parliament and members of the government function well above the economic reality of the country with advantages and privileges that go beyond understanding. According to Marilyn Allien, this situation can weigh in the index of perception of corruption in Haiti.

Transparency International - Haiti
Transparency International - Haiti

"We must eliminate or reduce as much as possible to a pot of grief the privileges of parliamentarians," urged the director of Heritage Foundation, Haiti branch of Transparency International.

"The people have not benefited from the mismanagement of the government. People who work hard did not have an increase because of inflation and the devaluation of the gourd, "said Ms. Allien.

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In addition, considering the work of parliamentarians on the year and the privileges they enjoy, the gap is glaring. "They voted very few laws," said Ms. Allien.

"We are a country that begs for loans and grants abroad and at the same time we have members of the government, parliament and officials who function as if Haiti were a very rich country," said Marilyn Allien, who believes that Haiti should copy Sweden's model of transparency in the management and use of public funds."

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