Today is 7 Fevrier wi... Whattaguan In The Haitian Palace Now?

O O... Jodi-a Se 7 Fevrier Wi... What's going on in Haiti? New President? Old President? Same President? What is it with Haitians and being "ON TIME?"

7 Fevrier - Haiti Presidential Inauguration Day

Like our neighbors in Jamaica would say...

"Nuttin A Gwan Man... Preval him still in pawa... Yee'ear me? Twenti yeeez in pawa between him and Aristide and still... Nuttin A Gwan... Rass!"

We can't even get a president to swear in ON TIME!

L'heure Haitienne is really screwed up!

Today is the day the the newly elected president of the Republic of Haiti is supposed to swear in, make his big speech, and make all the fake promises that none of them have kept as of yet.


Rete branche!


What did you expect to happen 7 Feverier 2011?

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Marise Leon says...

(e le keke pepe) Do you guys remember the movie "The Gods must be crazy".

I think a bottle fell on our heads and we are travelling all across the world looking for a leader to handle the presidency.

Sa a se reyelmen yon GALIMATCHA our system is backward.

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Miejo says...




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Marleine says...

Nothing will happen.

He planned it well to stay till the end of his term and he did exacly that.

And it's unfortunate to say; if he did not do nothing for the past 10 years then he certainely wont do much within 60 days.

Waste of time and money and of course betrayal from those people who elected him twice in a row...

A La ti chaise dous

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Ronald Altieri says...

It hurts to write this, but some things are better said than not said:

The Port-of-Princes, our capital, was littered with filth on the December 24th.

The unfortunate stench from the filth filled the air on the 1st of January.

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Victor Jean-pierre says...

I was expecting nothing to happen any

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