The United States OPPOSED to overthrow of President Martelly

The support of the Obama administration to the Martelly government is firm... The United States wishes the respect of President Martelly's mandate of 5 years granted by the people of Haiti in the last elections, says Joel Danies, the assistant coordinator of Haitian affairs at the U.S. State Department...

Uncle Sam - The U.S. Government

Joel Danies refuses to consider a possible departure of President Michel Martelly.

Martelly's departure is not realistic, Danies said to a question about the claims of the Haitian opposition.

VIDEO: Interview of Joel Danies, No 2 Haiti Official inside US Department of State

Danies official mission to Haiti this week expressed concern about the situation.

We do not understand that whenever there is a conflict people want to overthrow the president, he says, calling for respect for democratic principles concerning respect of the elected.

According to the envoy of the U.S. government challenges against the mandate of the Head of the state are likely to reduce the effectiveness of his action as a representative of the people abroad.

The support for the Obama administration to President Martelly is justified by the positive results recorded in recent months. There is progress in Haiti, suggested Mr. Danies stressing that relations between the Haitian and U.S. governments are strong.

If they comply with the mandate of the Head of State, Mr. Danies is willing to work also with the legislators. Some are elected for 6 years, others for 4 years, we will continue to work with them, he said.

Source: Translated from French- Radio Metropole Haiti

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