The Most Expensive Election In The History Of Haiti

Do you know how much it cost to run For President In Haiti? Let me shock you...

For Rent - Haiti National Palace

First of all... The application fee for a candidate for president in Haiti is $12,000 and it's Non Refundable

Next... The presidential campaign cost millions to run and the job only pays $6,000 per month for five years...

Question: What's going on in your mind right now?

There is a perception amongst the Haitian people that some most of the candidates who run for president in Haiti don't have any money... So... If they don't have money...

  • Who's paying for it???
  • And... What is the IOU???

The Most Expensive Campaign In The History Of Haiti

Yesterday, Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles wrote an article with the title:

- Haiti's upcoming presidential campaign could turn out to be among the most expensive in the country's history.

You can read the full article but there is a little side line, right next to the article, that really caught my attention...

Here it is:

Costs of an election [in Haiti]

Some of the prices candidates in Haiti's upcoming legislative and presidential elections can expect, not including food, fuel for generators and vehicles, tires, hiring of election day monitors, billboards, headquarters rental and other campaign costs:

  • $200-$250 a day (fuel not included) -- rental cars
  • $4,000 for the creation of a jingle (air time not included)
  • $4,000 to film a TV ad (air time not included)
  • $750-an-hour, minimum two and a half hours (including fly time from the Dominican Republic to Port-au-Prince) helicopter rental
  • $32.50/dozen -- T-shirts (President René Préval's 2006 campaign gave out 1.5 million T-shirts that were donated in-kind)
  • $1,000 full page color ad in local newspaper one day; $450 black and white.
  • $3,000 radio spot, prime time; $1,500 30-second one time air (price does not include cost of CDs that must be produced)
  • $1,800 (60 minutes on TV spot)

Source: Various campaign officials.

Here is a quote from the article that may surprise you...

A recently prepared barebones budget for minimal visibility by one campaign showed that after the $1,000 full-page ad in a local newspaper, $3,000 30-second prime time radio spot, $32.50/dozen T-shirts and .20 cent/poster, costs already totaled $1 million. And the amount didn't even include rental cars or purchases.

You know what...

Why don't you read the article:

Then come back and answer this question for me:

On second thought...

I have too many questions... So just... Say something...

What's going on in this twisted mind of yours after reading this???

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Twf says...


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Betina Omeluis says...

After the earthquake, so many haitian are being motivate to became the next leader in haiti.Even some who's making less than the normal rate.Some haitian not aware of an election expense, lot of them think it's easy to run. Therefore, it's a good thing that they put the fact out, so people will be

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Tasha says...



$6,000 Umm....

U mean all those canditates really love Haiti???...the $6,000????...

Or there's more to it....

Cause am pretty sure most of them if not all of them make alot more than that a month...

Or they're another Chavez pretending to care about the people n not the money...

Ala traka pou ti Haiti

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Youseline Pierre Simon says...

mezanmi bagay serie map di la et cote lajan sa you so paske gin de candidat ke avek de po doubda

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