The Haitian Government Lied About The Earthquake Death Toll?

The Rene Preval Administration lied about the 316,000 people who died in the January 12 Haiti earthquake. A new report suggest that the death toll is significantly lower.

Tent City In Front Of Haiti National Palace

The unpublished report puts the death toll between 46,000 and 85,000 deaths, the BBC Reports.

Why would the Government lie about a tragedy of this magnitude?

Haitian authorities stood by the figures released last year, the BBC says, but a report commissioned by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) suggests otherwise.

Wait... It gets worse...

There are the two other figures that are challenged by the new report...

1) The number of people living in tents in Haiti is much lesss...

Instead of the estimated 1.5 million, less than 75,000 of those are still living in tent cities in Haiti.

2) The amount of rubble in Haiti is much less...

It was estimated by the US Army Corps of Engineers that 20 million cubic meters of debris was laying in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas but the report is suggesting that it is less than half of that.


Because the death toll in Haiti was estimated at such a high number, it triggered an outpour of aid to Haiti estimated in the billions of dollars... What happens now?

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Richelle says...

Anyway I do not see the reason why you people waste time about this nonsense subject.

No body will never know how many people died, haiti don't have a system such as social security, not every body register in the archive to know how many people in hait. As much as I hate preval but I can not blame him nore his administration because they lied about that. People were pile and no body can't go to the pile of dead count one two three to come up with that total.Only way for them to come up with a real number if the family of the dead come and say I lost 1 I lost 2 and three then they can come up with exact

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Ben says...

That number came out ot Preval ASS and Bellirve ASS as we know they are Mandiant and LEPENDIEUR Nothing coming out of any Haitian mouth in any official capacity is the true.
People how do you explain such terrible think happen no ministre die

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine (France).

le 1er juin 2011

Des lignes de chemin de fer pour

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Josy says...

We may never know the real truth, but I do believe a lot of people died during the earthquake and they were all piled up in Port au Prince.

You have ten people in one room. and one family cannot afford one room on their

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James Gray says...

The first question is why did this report appear at this time?

Could it be because the Prime Minister candidate stated his opion about the commission?

And the most important question is who is this organization to question the Corps of Engineers?

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Kenold Pierre says...

This is my opinion about the death toll from last haitian tragedy: We are so behing in the new world technology: how could we keep tracking of the number of people dead .Frankly I doubt it .This will stay as a mystery to every

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Natif.natal says...

I did not do any studies, I did not count the dead. So I can not say for sure how many people died on Jan 12.
However, I find it very interesting that these figures are coming out now. Not just because it is on the hills of what Rouzier and Martelly are saying in terms of reducing the influence of the international community in Haitian affairs but also on the hills of mismanagement of funds scandals that is rocking the USAID organization and the possible enquiries of the US congress that may result from them.
If the Preval govt lied (and this is a possibility) the question then is who benefited?

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Myrtho says...

Excuse me if i am lost. Where did the last government got those outrageous numbers.What was the real reason.

It is insane those patripoches have no heart.Let's put the past where it belongs and concentrate on the

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Luko Adjaffi says...

with the new age tech world ..the news is to be said clear like the

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Marleine says...

Well lets move on because obviousely Preval used this tragedy to make more money on those poor people.and left them on the street with nothing.

He probably used a large part of it for his own benefit..

On another note why to they come up with those numbers now?

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