The Duvalier Trial - Disputes Over The Procedures

The saga continues over the Jean Claude 'BabyDoc' Duvalier trials in Haiti. whether or not BabyDoc should be tried for crimes against humanity is the question being raised.

Baby Doc Duvalier Detained By Haitian Police

According to a recently published , Haiti Supreme Court Magistrate Carvès Jean says decided the statute of limitations on Duvalier's crimes against humanity had expired and Duvalier should only be tried on financial corruption charges.

Amnesty International, on the other hand, is saying that "Under international law, there is no time limit on crimes against humanity.

The article questions whether or not President Martelly, who is promoting a new Haiti, will "sweep away the atrocities of the Duvalier dynasty."


Should Haiti forgive and forget? or...

Should BabyDoc Duvalier be tried for crimes committed during his reign as the "President a Vie de La Republique?"

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Former Presidents and Chiefs of State of Haiti   Jean Claude Duvalier   PHOTO: Jean-Claude   Papadoc and Babydoc - Francois Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier   Jean-Claude Duvalier drinking Champagne   baby doc duvalier   Jean Claude Duvalier   jean claude duvalier  

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Its Oke For Old Army Reinstated Because Now The Should Do A Better Job For The People Thanks Osnel Simeon Former Haitian Army For My People Not Abuseing Them says...

the duvlier trial should be over what we can do now work with MRduvalier together to create jobs in are country duvalier #2 dont have notting to do what is entorages do because they always be

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Wilky says...

It is simple Haitian do not have courage to tell international people stay out of this, we all Haitian should know by now no country wants to see progress in Haiti they cant make bunch of money of us now they are trying to make us go backwords insted forwords International people were enjoying the money with him and now they act like they did not now what was going on. (yo tout se vole bann chat mimi miaw yo) I, m happy with the judge, we want to see good things hapennig now, vive Haiti vive Martelly, vive Duvalier is Aristid are going before the Judge also for killing or for the money he took from people in

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Monel says...

Sorry Marie thejon, je pensais que vous etiez jeune, vous etes une vieille rate comme celle de Madame Max Adolphe qui connait beaucoup de choses qui se passaient Sur le bord de mer, mais seulement vous avez erree de ne pas donner votre passee aussi, parceque en tant qu' une ancienne fillette lalo, vous avez beaucoup de choses a nous raconter, si vous etiez au courant queVictor Never Constant etait le concubine de Lillianne Pierre Paul, vous etiez jalouse de voir ca, parceque vous savez qui etait Victor N.Constant, et vous qui etait votre concubinage de cet epoque, en tant que servante de Victor N. constant vous ne pouviez pas rester de voir Lillianne entrain de bien vivre avec votre patron sans faire rien,
Dis-moi donc vous etiez avec le gardien.

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Marie The Jon... says...

Ecoutez moi Monel Je n'ai jamis dit quelque choses dont j'nai aucune preuve tout ce que j'ai dit au sujet de Lilianne Pierre-Paul c'est la verite tout pure et simple sak passe'w la...Ou te fait you ti kout tou !!! lan manmanbefla Ecoutez-moi dear ces affaires de ZOKIKI ZOGIGITT j'en sais rien de toutes ces salles histoires de vagabondage j'en ai trop a faire, d'ailleurs je suis dehors longtemps et meme trop une seule chose que j'aimerais ajouter les journalist ont leur liberte de meme que le President a la sienne pouki C D ya kole lan Martelly toute la sainte jounin Bon Dieu mete mwen woue yo pret pou mande Martelly bay madan'm li tou?

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Monel says...

Marie thejonassaint why you don't ask the same question for radio Signal FM, who make propaganda for Martely.You're only pointing your finger on kiskeya and caraibe's wack my dear, you're acting the same way with your president who doesn't have any respects for journalists.

I think anyone or institutions who want to be insulted the press don't have any future, and in a matter of minutes you gonna loose the power,.if you're against the press, you're against the Haitian people too, because the press is the Haitian people communication.

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Mariethejonassaint says...

Just one thing I have to say why so many station radio like Radio caraibes
surtout surtout Lilianne Pierre-Paul elle prend plaisir a inviter tous les anti

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Sergo Jean says...

I agree with Amnesty International; But Duvalier was at their hands for 25 years and they doing nothing with him. Why Amnesty International never charges him and go to the international court with him?

I do believe the haitian people vote a congress and a president to do the will of the haitian people for the land and not the International.

Haitian people do not vote the International law, it's a violation of our constitution.

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Joe Gerard Dieudonne says...

for me the country needs to move forward, not coming back with chaos(burning used tires, barricade all over the country, just because of somebody's trial.

We need to realize that after the Earthquake on january 12,2010 Haiti cannot wait for another 25 years to be known again with stuff.What President Joseph Michel Martelly is doing now, that's exactly his predecessors were supposed to do, going countries to countries just to get real help for our Nation, which has been suffering over 208 years already, now enough is enough., no more wars among Haitians, just get the people what they have been waiting for....I know for fact this trial is gonna end up with another civil war among the population...cannot tolorate crimes/murders/kidnapping/violences...but we need these bigggggg companies that will come into Haiti for investments: in Hotels/Factories/Parc Industrials/Universities/Build more HighWays across Haiti/new local Routes/Schools/Hospitals//Rebuild these Catholic Churches/Re-Surfacing the Image of Haiti...we need to see Tourists come in Haiti./we need to see more AirPort build in Haiti/Fix the major problems that been ignoring for years...

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Bwa San Fey says...

He should be put in jail for life along with Carves Jean and Osner Fevry, 2 ancien tonton macoute

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Duana says...

si yo pran Jean Claude fo yo mete main sou Aristide avec Preval tout. preval avan paske si yo pran preval nap gen yon change avec neg depute sa yo, gen ampil ki prale amba corde si yo mete main sou preval avec

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