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FLASH: Haiti Elections - CEP Yolette Mengual RESUMES All Activities as Electoral Council Member

Haiti Elections Update - Madame Yolette Mengual has announced she will RESUME all her activities as electoral council member... According to a note from the council member, no one pressed any charges against her for any wrongdoing at the CEP, she has therefore decided to make a comeback...

Haiti CEP - Yolette Mengual asked to Leave CEP ahead or Sunday Elections

Haiti Elections Update -- A goup of Haitian women groups have asked CEP member Yolette Mengual to leave the Electoral Council... Madame Mengual decided to stay a way for while, but these women groups want her to QUIT the CEP outright...

Haiti CEP - Yollete Mengual Suspends Herself from the Electoral Council

Haiti Elections Update - Electoral Council (CEP) member Yollete Mengual temporarily suspended herself the CEP and all election related activities in order to make herself available to the justice system and fight allegations of fraud...

Haiti CEP - Yolette Mengual denies receiving $15,000 US to Swing Election Results

Haiti Elections Results - CEP member Yolette Mengual denies allegations that she reveived $15,000 US from candidate for Depute Gerald Jean to Swing the Election Results and decide in his favor at the BCEN...

FLASH: Haiti Elections - CEP Yolette Mengual paid $15,000 US to Swing Election Results

Haiti Election Update --- Major Corruption SCANDAL inside the CEP... Candidate for Depute Gerald Jean came out on Haitian radio and admitted to paying CEP Member Yolette Mengual $15,000 US to decide on his favor... Wait there's more!!!

Haiti Elections - Percentage of Women Candidates Low compared to CEP Requirements

Ouf ot more than 1440 Candidates who have already registered via Internet to participate in the upcoming Haiti elections, only 121 women are found in that list representing only 8 percent of the list... Haiti's electoral decree requires 30 percent of women candidates... Now what?

Haiti Elections - 4 New Electoral Council Members Swear in (Prestation se Serment)

Haiti election News - Four new electoral council (CEP) members were sworn in Friday at the Cour de cassation in Port-au-Prince... So now, we have ALL NINE (9) Haiti Electoral Council members sworn in... Will it finally be Election Tet Dwat???

Haiti - Yolette Mengual becomes 3rd Representative of CSPJ at the CEP

Haiti Elections 2014 - Haiti's Judicial Council (CSPJ) elects Yolette Mengual to be its 3rd representative at the Electoral Council (CEP)... Yolette Mengual will replace Marie Carole Floréal Dupervil at the CEP...