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Haiti - The LAMBERT Brothers, Joseph and Wencesclas, are now Foreign DIPLOMATS

Brothers Joseph and Wencesclass Lambert - Senators Of Haiti Haiti Diplomacy -- Former Senator brothers Joseph Lambert and Wencesclas Lambert, both of whom lost in the Senate election in Sud-Est Haiti are now DIPLOMATS... Yes... Joseph Lambert is now "Ministre Conseiller" at the Embassy of Haiti in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic... Wencesclas Lambert is the new head of the Haitian Consulate in Turks and Caicos Island... more »

Haiti Senate - LAMBERT Brothers, Joseph and Wencesclas, Lost Elections in Jacmel

Haiti Election Results : Les Frères LAMBERT Dehors du Senat de La Republique Haiti Elections Update - Former Senator brothers Joseph Lambert and Wencesclas Lambert both lost in the legislative elections in Sud-Est Haiti... Both brothers came in 3rd and 4th in the 4-candidate 2nd round run... more »

Haiti Elections Sud-Est : 9 Candidates Want Elections Annulled

Haiti Elections 2015 - SUD EST - List Candidat Senate ki pwal nan 2eme Tour 9 candidates for senator from different political parties in the Sud-Est department got together to challenge the senatorial elections results... They are all calling for annulation of the elections whose results were rigged they say... more »

AUDIO: Declaration Moise Jean Charles sou Caraibes FM apre Demission Laurent Lamothe

Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles Listen to this AUDIO... Haiti Senator Moise Jean Charles heated interview on Radio Caraibes FM morning show "Libre Oppinion" Monday 15 Dec 2015 following the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. more »

Haiti Politics - Mixed Reactions Over Laurent Lamothe Possible Resignation

Kisa - Lamothe pwal demisyone? Haitian lawmakers Tuesday rebuffed recommendations in a far-reaching report that called for the resignation of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and other key government officials to stave off a worsening political crisis... Parliamentarians on both sides strongly disagreed with the report. more »

Haiti - Soudainement, Desras Simon Dieuseul a la tete de liste pou Ranplase Martelly come President de la Republique, Men poukisa...

Haiti - President Martelly ak Dieuseul Simon Desras, President Chanm Sena-a Mezanmi... Tande kijan Simon Dieuseul Desras soudainemant pwal monte a la tete de liste pou ranplase Michel Martelly kom President de la Republique d'Haiti, Yon bagay Desras te toujou vle e sanble pesonn pa wè sa... more »

Haiti - Senate Jean Baptiste Bien Aime fache Senate group 5 yo pa demisyone...

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator "Mwen achte champay mwen," Senate Jean Baptiste Bien Aime di, "M-ap tann Senate group 5 yo demisyone, jou a rive, epi mwen we yo pa demisyone..." more »

Haiti - Senateur Wecesclass Lambert will Resign in 15 days if the electoral law is not voted by the senate

Wenceslas Lambert Haitians politics is taking a new shape at the Senate of the Republic... Senator Wencesclass Lambert joins Senator Edwin Zenny in his decision to resign from the Senate if the electoral law is not voted on... The G6 has a 15 days Notice or else... more »

Haiti Politik - Sena Repiblik la pat bay Desras otorization pou voye let bay Martelly

Wenceslas Lambert "Sena Repiblik la pat bay Simon Dieuseul Desras otorization pou voye let bay President Martelly," se sa senatè Wencesclas Lambert te di ayè madi 29 avril la devan laprèss Haiti sou zafè let ke President chanm sena a Simon Dieuseul Desras te voye bay President peyi a Michel Martelly. more »

Haiti - Justice : Senator Wencesclas Lambert found NOT GUILTY for knocking teeth out of Daniel Theodore Mouth

Wenceslas Lambert Remember the case of Haitian Senator Wencesclas Lambert Vs. student Daniel Theodore where the senator knocked two teeth out of Daniel's mouth with a punch? Guess what... A judge in Haiti found senator NOT GUILTY... more »