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Haiti Elections - Who Cares???

PHOTO : Haiti Elections - Carte Identification Nationale Specimen Haiti Elections Update -- Are Haitian Voters Motivated??? Agence France-Presse (AFP) had just released an article with the Headline: "Haiti heads towards election day, but few seem to care..." According to the news agency, Haitian voters hardly seem to care about the Legislative elections that will take place this Sunday in Haiti... more »

Haiti Elections - Voters have 8 Days to Change Their Voting Address...

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What? Haiti Elections Update -- Haitian voters have only eight (8) days to change their address and decide voting center they will vote in, the Electoral Council said in a press release, from 1 to 8 July 2015... more »

Haiti - 5.8 million registered voters expected to participate in the upcoming Elections

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What? There are a total of 5,835,295 registered voters in Haiti who will decide who wins in the upcoming elections, according to a new 2015 list released by the Haiti Electoral Council (CEP)... How many of these voters will come out to cast their votes? That's another question... more »

Haiti Elections - What if the Haitian Diaspora could Vote?

Diaspora Haitien an Bleu et Rouge, yo renmen Haiti Imagine all the Haitians in the Diaspora living legally and illegally outside Haiti... What if all of them had their Voter Registration Card and could actually vote in the Haiti elections? What impact would that have in the outcome of the future elections in Haiti? more »

Haiti Elections - Some Haitian voters expect to get paid for their vote

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What? Question: How many voters in Haiti actually go out to vote because it is their civic duty? --- The other day I was having a discussion with a few family and friends of mine in Hinche Haiti trying to explain to them that it is their civic duty to go out to vote... Ahhh... Pawol diaspora pitit... They don't get it... LOL... They expect something for voting and they are not talking about promises... more »

Eske Carte de Vote Haiti yo di Membre ki Partie Politique ou ye?

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What? QUESTION: Lè yon moun anregistre pou vote en Haiti, eske Carte de Vote la di nan ki pati politique li ye? Tankou Ozetazini, nan kat vote la menm li di ou se yon Republicain, yon Democrat oswa yon Independent... more »