US Embassy Haiti

FLASH: Haiti Protests - US Embassy instructs its employees to shelter in place until further notice

Amid Haiti street protests Sunday, the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince issued a security alert instructing all its employees to shelter in place until further notice "out of an abundance of caution"...

US Embassy in Haiti asks Haitian politicians to clean up their acts!

The U.S. Embassy in Haiti urges Haitian Politicians, "all parties and leaders to work together to move the political dialogue forward in ways that advance the interests and aspirations of the Haitian people."

Haiti - DESRAS tell G8 DO NOT Trust Any Foreign Ambassador in Haiti, They Have Ulterior Motives

Haiti Elections Update -- "DO NOT Trust these Foreign Ambassadors," Former Senate President Desras Simon Dieuseul tells the 8 presidential candidates from the opposition (G8), "Do not meet with them SOLO... They have ulterior motives..."

FLASH: USA says YES to 2nd Round Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs. Jude Celestin

Haiti Elections Update -- The United States supports the second round presidential elections between candidates Jovenel Moise (PHTK) and Jude Celestin (LAPEH) scheduled for 27 December 2015, according to a tweet from the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince...