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Haiti Elections - Thierry Mayard Paul SAD and HAPPY about BCEN Decision to Reject his Candidacy for President

Haiti Elections Update -- Presidential Candidate Thierry Mayard Paul said is horrified by the Judges' decision at the National Office of Electoral Disputes (BCEN) to reject his candidacy for president... Arnel Belizaire had NO PROOF, These Judges are INCOMPETENT, he said... more »

Haiti Elections - 18 Presidential Candidates Contested in Total

Haiti Election Contestation - Kontestasyon Haiti Elections Update - The candidacy of 18 presidential candidates are contested in total before the Saturday deadline including the candidacy of former prime Minister Laurent Lamothe... more »

Haiti Elections - Thierry Mayard-Paul dares CEP to Reject his Candidacy based on Decharge

Haiti Elections Update -- Presidential Candidate Thierry Mayard-Paul explained on Haiti radio Scoop FM the reason why he had to register with the Electoral Council (CEP) by Court ORDER with NO decharge and why the Electoral Council CANNOT reject his candidacy... The government, he says, is applying the theory of impossible formalities... more »

Helicopter with Haiti Prime Minister makes emergency landing

BREAKING NEWS - A helicopter carrying Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille, Interior Minister Thierry Mayard Paul, and Foreign Minister Laurent Lamothe made an emergency landing in the hills above Port-au-Prince Haiti... more »

Michel Martelly Airplane Makes EMERGENCY Landing In Cuba

BREAKING NEWS - The airplane caring Haiti President Michel Martelly to Cuba had to make an Emergency landing... WHAT THE ???? more »