Steve Khawly

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Haiti - Will Candidate Steve KHAWLY Participate in Election Do-Over? Answer here...

Steeve Khawly, Candidat a la Presidence 2016 Haiti Elections Update -- In case you are wondering if YES or NO Bouclier candidate for president Steeve Khawly will confirm with the electoral council (CEP) his participation in election do-over, here is what we know so far... more »

Haiti Elections - King KINO Endorses Steeve Khawly for President

Steeve Khawly - King Kino Haiti Elections Update - Singer King KINO came out publicly Friday endorsing BOUCLIER Candidate Steeve Khawly for President... Pierre Raymond Divers alias King Kino told journalist Valery Numa on radio Vision 2000 Khawly is the only candidate who van bring everyone together to move the country forward... more »