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A Section Communale is the smallest administrative division in Haiti. A section communal has administrative and financial autonomy. It is run by an executive body called CASEC.


Haiti - Depute Fred Piton Returns to a Section Communale to say Thank you

Depute Fred Piton returns to a Section Communale to say Thank you Hinche Haiti Depute Fred Piton took some time to go to one of the villages outside the city of Hinche to say thank you to those who voted for him... more »

Haiti - 5.8 million registered voters expected to participate in the upcoming Elections

Haiti Voting Pin - Pep La Vote, Now What? There are a total of 5,835,295 registered voters in Haiti who will decide who wins in the upcoming elections, according to a new 2015 list released by the Haiti Electoral Council (CEP)... How many of these voters will come out to cast their votes? That's another question... more »