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FLASH: Haiti - Rotchild Francois Jr Resigns from his post as Minister of Communication

Rotchild Francois Jr. Breaking News... Haiti Communications Minister Rotchild Francois Jr has just resigned from his post following the constant disrespect he received from President Michel Martelly the past couple of weeks... more »

Haiti Government will NOT Apologize the Dominicans, Communication Minister says

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic Haiti Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr. made it clear that the Haitian government will NOT apologize to Dominican Authorities over the immigration crisis dialog can continue... It is the Dominican Government who has to get on board and continue with the dialogue... more »

Haiti Electoral Council Submits Electoral Calendar to President Martelly

PHOTO: Haiti Election Ballot - A voter votes for Martelly in the 2010 Presidential Elections The Haitian Electoral Council (CEP) has submitted the definitive electoral calendar to president Michel Martelly... The Haitian government welcomed the submission electoral calendar, Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr. said... more »

Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux NO SHOW for installation of new Communication Minister

Installation du nouveau Ministre de la Communication Rotchild Francois Jr In the News today... Former Haiti communication minister Rudy Heriveaux did not show up for the installation of the new Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015... The installation was carried out by Haiti tourism minister more »