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Ariel Henry - Operation Plen Poch : Rony Timothee says everyone on board with PM Ariel are just filling up their pockets

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Rony Timothee, once a harsh opponent of slained Haitian president jovenel Moise, now an opponent of the current Administration claims there is an operation "plen pòch" (fill up your pockets) that is currently at play in this new Administration. more »

Rony Timothee: Jovenel Moise cannot go to Pont-Rouge on October 17th even if deploys every unit of PNH

Jovenel Moise pap ka ake Pont Rouge le 17 Octobre,  Declaration Rony Timothee "Jovenel cannot go to Pont Rouge on October 17th even if he deploys every unit of the Haitian National Police force," Rony Timothee said on a radio station in the capital. Listen to this audio. more »

Manifestation in Haiti - Rony Timothee says: We have to enter the National Palace!

Rony Timothee - FOPARK It is a day of street protest in Haiti and opposition leader Rony Timothee said live on the radio: "Rendex-vous in front of the national palace. We have to enter the national palace." more »

Haiti 17 Octobre, Rony Timothee di JEZI k konnen di se pa andedan kay moun yo pwal chache kob PetroCaribe a

Rony Timothée says only Jesus knows whether they will enter people's home Haiti 17 Octobre 2018, Lidè opposition Rony Timothée di "JEZI k konnen" si se pa andedan kay moun yo pwal chache kob PetroCaribe a... Se pa DECHOUKAY sa vle di? more »

AUDIO: Haiti - Rony Timothee says: Find CEP Opont, Tie Him UP Bring Him To Me... Isn't that Kidnapping?

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Listen to this AUDIO... That's Kidnapping isn't it??? Opposition leader Rony Timothee of FOPARK asks anyone out there, if you find Pierre Louis Opont, the president of the Electoral Council (CEP), "catch him, tie him up and bring him to me," he says... more »

Haiti Elections - Rony Timothee DARES Martelly to Install Jovenel Moise as President 7 Fevrier

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Haiti post-election update -- FOPARK opposition leader Rony Timothee literally dares president Michel Martelly: 'I Dare you, Michel Malfini, If you think you got the balls, Install Jovenel Moise as president on 7 Fevrier..." more »

Haiti Elections - Timothee Rony anrejistre kom Kandida Pou Depute l'Ouest

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Haiti Elections Update - Timothee Rony nan ligne pou enskri kom kandida DEPUTE Port-au-Prince anba bannyè Platfom Pitit Desalin... Kisa ou panse? more »

Haiti - Aristide gets a visit from FOPARK and a Delegation of Senators and Deputes Tuesday

Rony Thimothee - FOPARK - Jean Bertrand Aristide A delegation consisting of members (Fos Patriyotik pou Respe Konstitisyon) FOPARK and several senators and representatives will visit former president Jean Bertrand Aristide at his resident in Tabarre Tuesday 16 Sept 2014... more »

Haiti Justice - Timothee Rony (MOPOD) Granted Provisional Release from Prison

Rony Timothee - FOPARK FLASH... Haitian MOPOD spokesperson Timothee Rony has been released from prison on a provisional basis, his lawyer Newton Saint Juste said. Tinothee Rony is to appear in court Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014, along with Assad Volcy of OTAN and Biron Odige of FOPARK... more »

SCOOP... Timothee Rony (MOPOD) nan Parquet pou we Juge Instruction li...

Rony Timothee - FOPARK Men denye Nouvel ki fèk soti Haiti... Timothee Rony, pòt pawòl MOPOD la ki te nan prision nan Acahaie a, li nan Parket Port-au-Prince jounen Mekredi 4 Juin 2014 la... Timothe Rony ap presante li devan juge instruction li... more »