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Petionville Police Commissioner Gospel Monelus shot and wounded during an operation

Petion-Ville police salutes President Jovenel Moise during his visit to the Commissariat The police chief of Petionville Haiti, Commissioner Gospel Monélus was shot and wounded during an operation in Delmas 95 Monday night. more »

Haiti Manifestation - Andre Michel wants to START the street protests in Petionville from now on

Andre Michel, Jovenel Moise, Desras Simon Dieuseul Haitian political activist Andre Michel says: "If our street protests cannot reach Petionville then we will start our street protests in Petionville. more »

Haiti Elections Contestations - Jerry Tardieu says Results are Wrong

Haiti Elecitons - Jerry Tardieu Candidate Poster Haiti Elections Update - Jerry Tardieu, candidate for Depute of Petionville, challenges the results... According to the Proces Verbals he has on hand, Jerry Tardieu claims he should have been elected in the first round, he says... more »

Haiti Manifestation 7 Fevrier 2015 en route for Petionville...

Manifestation Anti Martelly Haiti 14 May 2014 There is a street protest (Manifestation) in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince this Saturday, 07 Feb 2015, and it is heading to Petionville as of 2:55 pm... more »

Petion-Ville Mayor Claire Lydie Parent Is FIRED.

Claire Lydie Parent, Mairie De Petion Ville Can a city mayor be fired? LOL... Yesterday Haitian Interior Minister Ronsard St Cyr confirmed that Petion-Ville Mayor Claire Lydie Parent has been fired. more »