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FLASH: Haiti - Politician Turneb Delpe is Dead!

Turneb Delpe Breaking News... Former Haitian senator and opposition leader Turneb Delpé has just died. According to his close relatives, the politician died of cancer Saturday afternoon, 27 May 2017, in a New York Hospital. more »

Haiti Elections - Samuel Madistin withdraws his candidacy

Mirlande Manigat, Samuel Madistin Haiti Election Update - MOPOD candidate for president Samuel Madistin announced he is officially withdrawing his candidacy for the presidency... more »

Haiti - Nouvel Gaye, Turneb Delpe (MOPOD) est tres Malade

Kijan sante politicien yo ye? -- Ta sanble dirijan MOPOD Turneb Delpe très malade, li kite peyi a, li ale pran swen nan peyi etranje, dapre nouvel ki bay sou Radio Signal FM, jounen Samedi 21 Mars 2016 la... more »

Haiti Elections - Turneb Delpe Candidat au Senat pou MOPOD

Haiti Elections Update - Denye Nouvel yo fe konnen ke Turneb Deple fek depoze pies li kom kandida pou post Senatè pou MOPOD... more »

Haiti Elections 2015 - Jacques-Edouard Alexis MOPOD Candidate for President

Have you heard? Jacques-Edouard Alexis is one of the candidates in MOPOD hoping to win the ticket to run as candidate for president under that banner for the upcoming Haiti presidential elections. more »

Haiti Elections - Mirlande Manigat is OUT of the Presidential Race

Haiti Elections Update -- Former first lady Mirlande Manigat has just announced that she is is calling it quits... She threw in the towel... Mirlande Manigat will NOT be a candidate in the upcoming Haiti Presidential Elections... Did Manigat get the boot from MOPOD of did she decide on her own to quit??? more »

Haiti Elections - MOPOD to chose between Mirlande Manigat and Samuel Madistin as their Candidate for President

Mirlande Manigat, Samuel Madistin Haiti opposition group MOPOD plans to make a choice this weekend: Between Mirlande Manigat and Samuel Madistin, who will be the official MOPOD Candidate for President? more »

Haiti Politics - MOPOD has a New Name

Martelly - MOPOD di Demisyon Haiti Opposition group MOPOD changes its name FROM Mouvement Patriotique de l'opposition démocratique TO Mouvement Patriotique Populaire Desalinien, says Serge Jean Louis, one of the leaders of the group... more »

Haiti Elections - MOPOD and Platfom Pitit Desalin still thinking hours before registration deadline

With only a few hours left on the deadline for political parties to register for elections in Haiti Friday, Assad Volcy is on the radio saying MOPOD and Platfom Pitit Desalin are in a private meeting and have yet to decide if YES or NO they will go to elections... more »

Haiti Elections - Radical Opposition slowly Approaching Election Train...

Haiti Caricature - President Martelly sou Train li, Mirlande Manigat ak Moise Jean Charles kanpe nan mitan wout li... In Haiti, not long ago, the RADICAL political oppositon said: "NO Elections with Martelly!" Suddenly they seem to be moving closer to the election train... The opposition have two choices to make and fast: "YES Elections with Martelly" OR... Be left out of the election Choo Choo Train... Here is what opposition leaders are saying now? more »