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Haiti Senator Moise Jean Charles visits Cap-Haitien residents Under Flood Water

Haiti: Senateur Moise Jean Charles Pran lari nan yon Cap Haitien Inondée Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles went out in the streets of Cap-Haitien Tuesday, 4 November 2014, to visit the Nothern city residents who are victim of of the flood... Senator Moise who took a break from politics due so the death of her mother, he took the time to visit his constituents... more »

Haiti Senator Andris Riche says Moise Jean-Charles is JUST a SHOW OFF - He surrenders ALL but collects his Pay Check

Haiti Senateur Andris Riche HOT Haitian Politics - Regarding Senator Moise Jean-Charles surrendering all parliament materials given to him by the Senate, Senator Andris Riche says Moise Jean Charles is only SHOWING OFF. Although Senator Moise surrendered everything, Andris Riche continues, he still collects his paycheck... more »

FLASH... Haiti - Senate Moise Jean Charles deklare l-ap kite Sena Repiblik la 2eme Lundi Mwa Janvier 2015

Haiti Senator Moise Jean- Charles Mezanmi Tande Koze... Senatè Moise Jean Charles anonse sou antèn radio SCOOP FM ke li ap kite syèj Senat Repiblik la dezyèm Lundi mwa Janvier 2014 la... Moise Jean Charles gentan ap fè plan pou APRE li pa senatè ankò... more »

Haiti Politics - If President Martelly cannot rule by decree and there are No elections, what happens in January 2015?

Haiti President Martelly - Senator Moise Jean Charles Let's think about this for a minute... In Haiti, The G6 Senators and the opposition are making lots of noise about the pressures they are getting from outside sources to vote on the electoral law. One senator, Moise Jean Charles said President Martelly cannot rule by decree, the Constitution forbids it... So... If President Martelly cannot rule by decree and there are No elections, what happens in January 2015? more »

Haiti - Moise Jean-Charles NOT Very Happy about LAVALAS Choosing Maryse Narcisse to run for President

Moise Jean Charles - Jean Bertrand Aristide LAVALAS choice of Maryse Narcisse to run for president of Haiti in 2015 is oriented and imposed by "Ambassade Americaine" Senator Moise Jean-Charles said... Maryse Narcisse works for USAID and former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide has NO choise but to swallow it, senator Moise continued. more »

Haiti - Senator Moise Jean Charles says Gasoline Prices about to Increase in Haiti

Moise Jean Charles warns about Gas Prices in Haiti Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles sent a warning to public that the Government of Haiti is about to add 75 Gourdes to every gallon of Gasoline sold in Haiti and 30 Gourdes to every gallon of diesel... more »

Haiti - Radio Signal FM Mande Moise Jean Charles Prouve Martelly pa genyen Volonte oganize election

Haiti Senator Moise Jean- Charles Haiti Politique - Nan program Moment Vérite sou Radio Signal FM, Tamara Orion mande Senatè Moise Jean Charles pou li prouvé ke President Martelly pa genyen volonte òganize election... Tande repons li... more »

Haiti Senator Desras admits President Martelly was NOT involved in the Moise Jean Charles Arcahaie Incident

Haiti - President Martelly ak Dieuseul Simon Desras, President Chanm Sena-a Whatever happens to the Opposition in Haiti they tend to point the finger at the President as the one giving the order... Fortunately for President Michel Martelly, Senate president Simon Dieuseul Desras was with him at the time that Senator Moise Jean Charles was roughed up by APENA agents in front of the Arcahaie Prison... more »

Senate Moise Jean-Charles mande pou MINUSTAH kite Haiti san kondisyon e imediatman

Haiti Senator Moise Jean- Charles Responsab MINUSTAH yo presante yon plan de retrait pou fòs multi-national la bay Sena Repiblik Haiti a nan yon rankont jounen Mercredi 28 Me 2014 la. Senatè Moise Jean Charles pa dakò ak plan de retrait saa... Li mande pou MINUSTAH kite peyi a san kondisyon e imediatman... more »

Haiti - Rudy Heriveaux di Moise Jean Charles te gen otorizasyon rantre nan prison Arcahaie a men PA avek 80 moun

Rudy Heriveaux - Haiti Ministre de la Communication Nouvel la an KREYOL (English below)... Rudy Heriveaux, Minis Communication an, di ke se vre ke Senatè Moise Jean Charles te jwen otorizasyonn pou li te ale wè Rony Timothee andandan prizon Arcahaie a MEN... Senatè-a debake avek 80 moun, li pat gen otorization pou debake ak 80 moun, yo pat bay 80 moun otorizasyon, se Senatè-a ki te gen otorizasyon pou rantre. more »