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Haiti - The Electoral council (CEP) has a new President

Haiti Elections - Ballot Box Have you heard? Marie Chantal Raymond has just been elected provisional president of the Haiti electoral council (CEP), Max Mathurin is sick and doctors say he needs some time off... more »

Haiti Politik - Sanble yo voye ZONBI sou MAX Mathurin, Prezidan Konsey Electoral la...

PHOTO: Haiti - Max Mathurin gen ZOMBI owsa LWA... Mezanmi... ta sanble presidan Konsèy Electoral Pwoviswa (KEP) a, Max Mathurin, gen yon move ZONBI sou li oswa yon LWA wondonng Daprè information jounalis VALERY Numa poste sou paj Facebook li... Nouvèl la fè konprann ke misye nan LATIBONIT ap chache tretman... more »

Haiti Electoral Council President has Doubts about Elections in October 2014...

Max Mathurin - President Haiti Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) The Haiti elections scheduled for 26 October and 28 December 2014 may NOT happen as scheduled says Haiti electoral council (CEP) president Max Mathurin... Before the CEP can set forth a calendar for the elections there must be an electoral law (loi electoral) somthing that is STILL not yet voted by the Senate... more »

Haiti Elections 2014 - Max Mathurin Elected CEP President

Max Mathurin - President Haiti Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) The Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) has a new president and his name is Max Mathurin... This is the second time that Max Mathurin is elected president of the CEP... The first time was back in 2005-2007 when Gerard Latortue was Prime Minister and president Preval was re-elected... Election tet Dwat... RIGHT? more »

Haiti Elections - 4 New Electoral Council Members Swear in (Prestation se Serment)

Haiti Elections - CEP, KEP, CTCEP, Tout C P Haiti election News - Four new electoral council (CEP) members were sworn in Friday at the Cour de cassation in Port-au-Prince... So now, we have ALL NINE (9) Haiti Electoral Council members sworn in... Will it finally be Election Tet Dwat??? more »