Louis Gerald Gilles

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Fanmi Lavalas' Louis Gerald Gilles decided to step away from politics

PHOTO: Louis Gerald Gilles Haitian political activist and Lavalas front man Louis Gerald Gilles announced he is taking a break from politics. While he does intend to retire in politics, Louis Gerald Gilles is a break to better situate himself. more »

Haiti - Fanmi LAVALAS has nothing against the Diaspora, Louis Gerald Gilles says

Fanmi Lavalas Logo Haiti Elections Update -- With the candidacy of Sophia Martelly rejected, many Haitians believe this is a low blow against the Haitian Diaspora... Fanmi LAVALAS candidate Louis Gerald Gilles who contested her candidacy said NO hard feelings, LAVALAS has nothing against the Diaspora... more »

Haiti Elections: LAVALAS Louis Gerald Gilles and Schiller Louidor Candidates for Senator

PHOTO: Louis Gerald Gilles Haiti Elections Update: Two members of Fanmi LAVALAS, doctors Louis Gerald Gilles and Schiller Louidor have officially registered as Candidates for Senator for the department de l'Ouest... more »

Haiti - LAVALAS di Lavi Maryse Narcisse en Danger, gen yon Leader ki vle Neutralize Manmzel...

Maryse Narcisse Mezanmi... Dirijan LAVALAS Louis Gerald Gilles fè konnen genyen yon lidè ki vle neutralize Marise Narcisse depi lè Aristide te deklare manmzèl kandida pou president... more »